Play Yard Studios is a multimedia complex with five Recording rooms, three mixing consoles, a suite for Mastering and three for Post Production. Our facilities, in the heart of Stockholm, are equipped with the latest audio technology and professional sound producers and designers. The Recording and Mix Studios combined with our Post Production Suites can be adapted to facilitate any type of production; television, commercials for radio and TV, trailer, interactive and sound books.

Play Yard Studios has gone through a massive six year renovation, completed in 2004 - upgrading existing Music Production facilities for the digital age and adding new Post Production and Mastering amenities. Our Post Production services employ the most-skilled sound engineers and technologically advanced equipment in the industry. Our studios and staff can be tailored to meet every Post Production need. We encourage you to meet the people, tour the facilities and experience our commitment to technology and quality service.





l  Play Yard Studios  l  Kungsgatan 79 112 27 STOCKHOLM  l  tel: +46 8 652 31 28  l  l